Gray Artus







Gray Artus

Gray Artus

Asheville, NC


I lost myself so long ago… I chased plastic dreams I thought would bring happiness. Where did the time go? I lost myself in this world and at times I lose my mind… When I paint I find it and my thoughts are so clear.
I paint to have freedom… Freedom from this world of falling short of others expectations… Freedom from the anxiety that oppressed me and formed me into a soul that was unrecognizable.
I am a photographer to see… see the beauty in this world. There are days it’s hard to find but I see it… it’s there in a sunrise or maybe in a smile.
I am a photographer to see… see the loneliness in the world. It’s never hard to find… A teardrop falls silently to the earth.
I am an artist because there are no words to express how I feel.
I am an artist created to be free…my soul soars… it’s the way God created me.

I am Gray Artus a painter, photographer and fine artist from Asheville, North Carolina. This is just my self diagnosis but I must have ADD. I jump from photography to painting then to a different painting and back again. Its an endless circle of creativity here!

Art is what I think about when I get up in the morning and when I go to bed at night and all day in between... its my passion!

I am a self taught artist and regretfully I have no formal training as an artist or photographer... minus one year of art in high school and one over complicated photography course years ago that confused me more than helped me.

My art is currently displayed nationally and internationaly in private collections and has been used as album art and on various regional websites.

Thank you for viewing my art!

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Smoky Mountain Black Bear by Gray Artus


Charlotte Urban Cityscape and Streetcar by Gray Artus


Asheville North Carolina Cityscape by Gray Artus


Cityscape Urbanscape Asheville Alley by Gray Artus


Neuschwanstein Castle Hohenschwangau, Germany by Gray Artus


New York Cityscape Rainy Morning Commute by Gray Artus


Asheville Cityscape at Battery Park Haywood Park Hotel by Gray Artus


Asheville Castle in the Mountains by Gray Artus


Wonderful Tonight Couple Making Love by Gray Artus


Stormy Fall Landscape Red Yellow Leaves by Gray Artus


Black Panther by Gray Artus


Show Jumper Equestrian Horse Wall Art by Gray Artus


Abstract Landscape Red Bold Color Vertical Painting by Gray Artus


Stormy Waterscape Sunset Seascape Marsh Painting by Gray Artus


Cardinal North Carolina State Bird in Snow by Gray Artus


Great White Heron Original Art by Gray Artus


City Dweller Raven Dark Gothic Crow Wall Art by Gray Artus


Mutts Original Dog Portrait Painting by Gray Artus


Grandfather Mountain Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina by Gray Artus


Atlanta Falcons Football Wall Art Falcons Fan Gift by Gray Artus


I bleed Carolina Blue Tarheel Wall Art Football Helment by Gray Artus


Seattle Seahawks Football Helmet Wall Art by Gray Artus


Clemson Tigers Football Helmet Original Painting by Gray Artus


Carolina Panthers Football Helmet Painting Wall Art by Gray Artus


North Greenville University Football Helmet Wall Art Painting by Gray Artus


Abstract Sun, Moon and Stars Collide by Gray Artus


Downtown Asheville Painting Pack Square North Carolina City by Gray Artus


Holstein Cow Painting Farm House Wall Art Cow Art by Gray Artus


Urban Art Lovers Lane Modern Expressionist Painting by Gray Artus


Statue of Liberty USA wall art New York City Lady Liberty by Gray Artus


Cow Painting Longhorn Steer Country Farm House Art by Gray Artus


Black Bear of the Blue Ridge Mountains by Gray Artus


Realsim Barn Owl Painting with Mountain Landscape by Gray Artus


Modern Expressionist Restaurant Art Soybean Field Painting by Gray Artus


Modern Expressionist Restaurant Art Corn on the Cob by Gray Artus


Expressionist Female Muse Nude Painting by Gray Artus


Blue Ridge Mountains Painting North Carolina by Gray Artus


Little White Church on the Corner Christian Painting by Gray Artus


Original Colorful Expressionist Cow Painting by Gray Artus


Colorful Expressionist Pig Pakket Knife Painting by Gray Artus


Colorful Expressionist Crowing Rooster by Gray Artus


DECEMBER Original Photo Manipulation by Gray Artus


JADED Original Raven Painting Black and White Crow Art by Gray Artus


Gothic Raven Crow Painting by Gray Artus


Hereford Brown Cow Portrait Farm Animal Painting by Gray Artus


Asheville Castle in the Mountains by Gray Artus


Rooster Farm Animal Painting by Gray Artus


North Carolina Waterfall Hickory Nut Falls Photography by Gray Artus